With the schools closed during the current COVID-19 lockdown and the earliest likeness of re-opening is planned for the September term, Achieving Success is an online tutoring centre that has completely prioritised its focus to offer parents an easy-to-access homeschooling portal for children of all ages and abilities.

Unlike many other online teaching classes and resources that are increasingly becoming available, Achieving Success is a tutoring centre that prides itself on only employing qualified teachers, which means they have the most up-to-date knowledge of the curriculum. This means that parents can rest assured that their children are being taught by a qualified, human expert to assist with homeschooling.

Online sessions follow the National Curriculum from the very beginning of each child’s learning journey so no matter what age your child is, there are tailored lessons which are both informative and interactive to keep them occupied over the coming months.

While schools and other tuition centres offer resources, which you simply print out or download, Achieving Success relies purely on live learning from teacher to pupil. Using Zoom, an easy video conferencing platform, lessons are carried out safely and provide an engaging experience for children.

As a result, each lesson can actually be recorded meaning parents can return to these later or even rewind and recap on particular points. What’s more, Zoom includes a digital whiteboard to maintain a similar approach to physical classroom instruction, which means students can benefit from real-time sums, calculations and explanations.

Achieving Success’ online tutoring programmes include:

  • Year 1 to 2 – a unique and popular programme that gives children the attention they need at this critical early stage. This particular age group offers an excellent teacher-to-pupil ratio, which cannot be achieved in physical classrooms.
  • Year 3 to 6 – it’s crucial for primary school children to receive that boost they need and this tailored programme focuses on the skills for exactly that. This course is also a great precursor to the 11+ preparation.
  • Year 6 following the latest national curriculum changes, it’s vital that this is maintained with any ‘out-of-school’ learning for consistency. Our comprehensive programme covers English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning with a number of practical assessments that mirror SATs.
  • Year 7 to 8 the aim of lessons for this age group is to prepare for GCSEs ahead, making this a vital foundation course. Maths and English are taught by a specialist group of teachers who have proven success in results.
  • Year 9 to 11 – the focus of this programme is to provide a planned and effective journey to success with a dedicated GCSE tuition centre. Each and every subject is covered with a wealth of teaching experience to ensure pupils have everything they need to succeed.

But that’s not all. Achieving Success also provides these extra booster sessions:

  • 11+ Preparation – if you’re thinking of sending your child to a grammar school, we have a tailored programme to suit exactly that. Using a blend of modern techniques and knowledge, teachers aim to equip your child with the necessary skills and knowledge to pass the grammar test.
  • 11+ Workshop – during the summer holidays, slot in an 11+ tuition workshop for an intensive yet useful session to brush up on the essential skills for their exam.
  • GCSE Workshop – Maths, English and Science sessions are ready to go for intensive study in these core subjects to maintain knowledge over the holiday
  • SATs Masterclass – Whether your child is preparing for independent grammar school exams or simply want to up their game in SATs, our specialist team of primary teachers can assist with a tailored creative writing programme. This will help your child to excel in the writing workshop and put them above the rest.

To find out more about Achieving Success and how this online learning platform can help you, visit the website (

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