Travelling while staying abroad in Europe: 5 can’t miss places.

Living a life that’s full of exploration in Europe can seem overwhelming at first. If you’ve never been here before, it’s important to consider that you can experience different cultures, places and landmarks just by traveling a few minutes away, to an hour from the place you are studying. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of attractions, you can travel to. Here is a short list of places you can’t miss.


The houses in the canals are just the beginning. Amsterdam is an extremely unique city with social programs, unique coffee shops, museums and a tourism friendly culture. This really is the ultimate European getaway for a weekend.

Budapest, Hungary

Even though Budapest has only recently become a democracy, it’s a city that is extremely unique with amazing nightlife, delicious food and some of the best walking tours in Europe.


Traveling to Spain can be the perfect option for enjoying some sunny beaches, exploring beautiful architecture and experiencing unique traditions. If you’re looking for a warmer destination in Europe, Barcelona is a must experience for the wine, the food, the sunshine and the culture.


Prague is the city of spires and if you love castles, the history here is amazing. During the winter months, Prague might as well be the North Pole with the number of Christmas markets and charming experiences you can have.

Paris, France

A trip to Europe is not complete if you’ve never been to Paris, France. Paris is a breathtaking city filled with romance, some of the world’s finest museums and the world’s most astounding food. There are plenty of free experiences for students as well.

Keep some of these top places in mind if you are traveling abroad and experiencing a program in Europe.

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