Impact of COVID-19 on College Admission and Testing

The coronavirus is upending all facets of American life—and life across the globe. Governors who rushed to open their states are now realizing that they moved too quickly and have caused extra spikes in the American South and West, which could have major impacts on school attendance in the Fall.

From institutions like the University of Chicago decreeing that professors will be able to determine whether or not to hold classes during the Autumn quarter virtually to Yale School of Drama suspending admissions until 2022 and offering a fourth year to their current MFA students, clearly universities and colleges are having to rethink how they approach education.

Many academic institutions are considering a hybrid of online courses, or continuing virtual classes outright. This makes the decision regarding how to best go about applying for college as a junior or senior in high school a bit more fraught. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you approach this important decision.

You’ll want to purchase a few new face masks.

One of the best ways to protect others from spreading the coronavirus is wearing a face mask. As such, more and more businesses and other public institutions are requiring that the public wear a medical-grade mask or face covering. This seems like it will be the new normal for a while, so it’s a good idea to bulk up on face masks before you head to school in order to ensure that you have enough masks to get you through the week. After all, doing your own laundry’s enough of a drag as is—having to wash and clean your one good mask each night is even more annoying!

If you’re going to be buying some extra face masks, you might as well buy some cute ones while you’re at it! After all, just because you have to wear a mask doesn’t mean you can’t look cute doing it! Consider buying a pink face mask or even one with a funky pattern or your school’s colors in order to protect yourself and others in style.

Having a comfortable mask that’s reusable and washable will go a long way in making it easier to adjust to being in college during the coronavirus pandemic, allowing you to have the peace of mind that you won’t run as much risk of getting sick so you can focus on your classes!

Your test scores matter more than ever.

Before COVID-19, you may have thought that how well you did on your SAT or ACT wasn’t a huge deal since you could always attend a public institution as a backup. While that’s still true in a world with coronavirus, the sad truth is that smaller institutions may not be doing as good of a job when it comes to online courses or lectures as some of the bigger, more well-known schools.

In addition to this reality, having an Ivy League school on your resume is even more important when future employers see that you attended school during the era of COVID-19. As such, it’s crucial that you take your test preparation seriously and do everything in your power to score highly enough to be accepted into a prestigious school.

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