How a Hotel Achieves Service Excellence!

No wonder how big or small an operation is, pursuing a career in hospitality management can enable you to handle several responsibilities. The job description for these duties varies. There are few key responsibilities every Hotel Manager should expect to administer as they are taught in the Hotel Management Institute in Delhi. In This article we will share the details about how a hotel operates and performs to make the guests very happy and satisfied by providing service excellence.

About Cradle of Management Institute

Cradle Management Institute is widely acknowledged amongst the best of the best hotel management institutes in Delhi. The sprawling campus situated very conveniently near international airport and Gurgaon, has a very good connectivity from any location around. Spacious classrooms, modern practical labs with all the necessary equipment and facilities are the signature of the institute. It has handpicked the best industry hardened faculty members who are very much experienced in their respective departments. The placement cell guarantees 100% job placement post their courses. It has a library where students get a chance to read from the various writers to further enhance their knowledge.

Customer Service

 It’s one accomplishment to have a guest check-in. But the most important thing is to make them come back. By applying the best customer service is going to almost guarantee repeat business no matter how expensive the accommodations may be at a hotel. If guests have had a wonderful experience with a hotel, they will not only come again, but they will recommend it to their friends and colleagues. They will simply tell everyone about what a great experience they had. This is where customer service plays a big role in making guests amazed.

Meet & Greet Customers

 We at hotels, very often say that a first impression is the best impression. It is hospitality, after all. The overall goal of hospitality is to make temporary accommodations like a hotel room feel permanent like home. This is done by acknowledging their presence and making them feel like they are very much welcomed and most importantly we are delighted to host the guest. No one wants to feel like they are unwelcomed. Seeing that every guest is properly greeted when checking in to a hotel sets the tone for good customer service.


 Guests need to feel like their accommodations are like a home away from home, no matter how brief the stay is. Making sure that every room (especially the bathroom) is properly cleaned, has fresh bedding, will make all the difference. The last thing most guests want to do is worry about cleaning up themselves. Overseeing that the housekeeping staff is carrying out their tasks of maintaining a clean environment is key to a guest’s happiness.

Customers Complaints

 Guests are paying from their hard earned money and expect the very best to receive. If for any reason, whether they are right or wrong, they feel that they are not receiving the best, it is the Manager’s job to know why and resolve any discomfort the guest may have due to possible lack of customer service.

Coordinating Departmental Tasks

 There are many departments within the hospitality business. However the tasks are divided, it is the job of the hotel as a team to ensure all of these departments run smoothly by coordinating well between them.


 Coordinating is about how effectively and efficiently you communicate with the rest of your team, department or other departments. Being organized with dates and events helps you plan your communication ahead. Thus you will have enough time to prepare and ensure for a relevant party.

Food & Beverage

 Managing the inventory of food and beverage is another crucial department. Again this depends on how the organisation is designed. For hotel and cruise lines, this is a huge responsibility. Though some hospitality organisations focus on catering events and conventions. Providing quality food and drink with appreciable service efficiency will ultimately determine whether or not a guest is happy and will want to return.

Hotel managers run the day to day operations of a restaurant or hotel. They look after personnel, ensuring that the facilities are properly maintained, taking steps to ensure customer satisfaction and overseeing the upkeep of administrative and financial records. Hotel Management Institute in Delhi offers a strong core of business courses, including accounting, economics, marketing, and human resource management.

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