How to Prepare Yourself for A New Job

Hearing the news that you have been offered a new job is a great moment for anyone. Not only is a new job an excellent opportunity and a massive step in your career, it’s also a key indicator that you meet the standards of the company, and they truly believe in your potential.

Whether you have been out of work for some time, recently been made redundant, opting for a complete career change or simply looking for ways to prepare for your new role, it’s best to remain confident, relaxed and ready to start your new role.

In this guide, we explain some top tips on how to prepare yourself for a new job to help make you feel more comfortable and confident on your first day at work.

1.  Talk to your new employer

After accepting the position, you should talk to your new employer to discuss what is expected of you on your first day and get a feel for the onboarding process. At this point, you should find out what you will need to bring, what documents your new employer will need, the dress code you are required to wear and what time you should be expected to arrive.

If you are required to wear a company uniform, you will need to contact your employer to discuss how this will be arranged and ordered in for you.

2.  Keep track of time

It’s best practice to be punctual and prepared on your first day, so you should do your best to be early. If you’re using public transport, you will need to take a look at transport timetables to find out what time you should leave in order to arrive on time.

If you decide to make your own way there in a car, you should look for a route with minimal traffic, or at least leave plenty of time if you expect roads to be busy. Before starting a new role, many people decide to have a ‘test-run’ to see how long it takes to travel to their new workplace on a typical working day, which will allow you to see precisely how long your journey will take.

3.  Be confident

For many people, the thought of starting a new role can be daunting, particularly as you may require some training to fulfil your job role, and you may not feel confident in yourself. However, your new employer made a big decision in offering you employment, which shows their confidence in your knowledge, skillset and potential.

If you do find yourself struggling with the idea of starting a new role, you can benefit from having strengths-based coaching to best prepare yourself, accelerate your personal development, and develop your leadership presence and impact.

4.  Have enough rest before your first day

Employers, managers and leaders will typically build an impression of you within your first hour of meeting and for those who are meeting you for the first time on your very first day, you will need to create an excellent first impression.

Try and have adequate rest the night before your first day to ensure that you feel refreshed and awake for your first day. This is significantly more important if you have been out of work for some time, as your first day can be somewhat a shock to the system!

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