The Benefits of Having an App for Your School

Good communication is even more vital for schools and parents at the moment. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant there’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to getting children back into the classroom and keeping them there.

The great news is that technology can help school heads and teachers maintain contact with parents and pupils and drive a strong communication strategy in a cost-effective and protective way.

But what are the wider benefits of investing in an app for your school outside of Covid-19? Here we take a look at why dedicated apps may well be the future and what they do to streamline communication between parents, pupils and schools.

What is a School App?

Similar to the school website, an app differs in that it can be downloaded for free onto a mobile phone or tablet and give parents and pupils immediate access to information and updates. Also unlike the school website, an app can have extra functionality built into it such as sending notifications, making it a much more efficient communication tool.

In times gone by, creating an individual school app would have involved hiring a developer and spending a lot of money. Today, apps are readily available and can be tailored to specific school needs for a competitive price. Many companies also offer a month trial period so that you can try out a school app for free.

Why Create One for Your School?

The big benefit of developing a school app is that it centralises the majority of your communication activity and gives you a platform to reach out to parents whenever you need to. For example, if you want to send out an urgent notification it takes just a few minutes and appears almost immediately on individual phones.

For their part, parents can also access information when they require it including timetables and school policies without having to call up the admin department or find the website. Schools can spend a lot on things like SMS services to keep parents informed whereas an app is much less costly and may even reduce the pressure on admin services.

Investing in a school app allows you to go paperless and gives you everything you need to communicate almost at the touch of a button. The app also lets you see who has seen specific messages which will certainly help you manage your administrative and communication strategy better.

Today’s modern apps can also be linked to existing school management systems to provide seamless operation across all areas. It can, for example, be used to report and monitor sickness and absence, take payments online and even book on events like school plays. There’s also a chance to post photo and video galleries or put up a regular blog for your school.

How Secure are School Apps?

One of the big concerns with creating a dedicated app is how it is updated over time and, more importantly, how secure it is. The great news is that this is included in the subscription when you decide to work with an app development company. That means you should have complete peace of mind that you are maintaining the right level of security and that your school is GDPR compliant.

More and more schools are starting to develop dedicated apps to improve communication with parents and pupils. The technology not only delivers better communication and more flexibility, but it can save time and money, allowing spare resources to be focused on education and other commitments.

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