What Is Accreditation and What It Means to You?

You may have heard commercials or seen other advertisements that mention a college or university is accredited. If you are starting to look into colleges, you may not know how important it is for a school to receive accreditation. 

What Is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a promise or guarantee that the school meets the standards set forth by the accreditation board. There are national and regional boards. Most schools display their accreditation proudly. For instance, Grand Canyon University accreditation is displayed on their webpage. A school’s accreditation page should tell you when and by what agency the school received its accreditation.

How Do Schools Receive Accreditation?

Accreditation is voluntary, but most schools want the recognition that it brings. A school receives its accreditation for each of its programs by providing a review board the necessary paperwork. This paperwork includes information about the school, financing, program requirements and samples of student’s work.

Who Performs Accreditation Checks?

Accreditations are performed by representatives from the school’s accreditation agency and representatives, like the Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals. These representatives and professionals work together to submit and review the paperwork. Then the agency decides if the school is worthy.

Why Go to an Accredited School?

School accreditation is not just for accolades. It also gives you the option to participate in federal funding such as the Pel Grant and government-subsidized loans. It entitles you to certain rights and allows you to transfer your credits to another accredited school. If one school does not have accreditation, and another does, there is a chance that all of your hard work will have to be redone if you transfer. 

Another reason to go to an accredited school is to know that you will get the same education and education standards as any other school. 

When you first select a college or university, be sure to check their accreditation. This is particularly true if you plan on getting multiple degree levels since you may have to switch schools, and you want your credits to transfer.

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