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How to Revise Effectively

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There is no reason to fear an exam. If you have already completed your exam syllabus, then a quick revision of your exam syllabus will help you to boost your confidence. Revising things not only builds confidence but also helps to retain lot more in a less amount of time. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to revise your syllabus before the examination.


Choose a right place to study- Find a quiet place to study. Make sure enough light is available so that you can read the text written in your textbooks or on your notebook. If you are using a study table to study and if it is placed close to any disturbances, then ask your parent to shift your study table and chair to a quiet place.


Make Schedule- Making a schedule before any exam will be an advantage for you. But we recommend you to take a test before preparing for your exam preparation schedule. Taking a test of all subjects will let you know your current position. Like the subjects where you need to put more effort and those chapters that do not need much attention. After analyzing all these factors, make a timetable and assign time accordingly.


Set targets- Studying all the chapters of calculus the night before the exam is probably going to do more harm than good. You should revise throughout the year by spending 30 minutes on making notes or summary of what you have read.


Recall and summarize- While you are studying, stop every few minutes to recap what you’ve read. Write a short note of what you have read by using your own words. Writing and revising in your own words will help to understand as well as to remember the concepts.


Solve previous year questions- Solve the previous year questions of the chapters you finished studying. Suppose you just finished a topic called electromagnetic spectrum, take the previous year question of that topic and start solving it.


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