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Benefits Of Knowing The Syllabus

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For students during the learning process, the syllabus is considered to be a useful tool. It serves as an instructive tool for students that helps them to get an overview of the course content of the entire academic session. The syllabus consists of all the topics and sub-topics based on which the students will be tested in the final exam. So, the syllabus proves to be a vital resource for the students. Students should remember that while preparing for their board exam going through the syllabus is a must. They must go through the entire syllabus in-depth before the exam to familiarise themselves with the course structure and content.

Students should have knowledge of the syllabus at the beginning of the academic session so that they can map their studies accordingly. A well-organized study plan encourages students and motivates them to performance persistence. Always try to create a study plan in such a way that learning goals are aligned with the activities and assessments. It will give the students more fruitful results and will also develop their knowledge and conceptual thinking.

The syllabus of all the classes is prescribed by their respective board. It is framed after a thorough discussion with the subject professionals according to the recent equation trends. For example, Telangana Board prescribes the syllabus for SSC Board Telangana for all the subjects.

By now, students must have got a brief idea about how important the syllabus is for exam preparation. So, students should go through the below-mentioned points and implement them for better results.

Few Tips How To Use The Syllabus Effectively

The syllabus always consists of vast content which needs to be organized properly. Students should strategize their exam study plan according to the syllabus.

  • Before the beginning of the academic session, students should read the entire syllabus and get an idea of the course content.
  • It gives a clear account of the marking scheme, duration of period, practical work, assessments, etc.
  • The marks designated to all the topics and sub-topics are mentioned in the syllabus. So, by knowing the marking pattern, students can get an idea of which all chapters/units contain higher marks and can accordingly allocate time for their study.
  • By going through the syllabus, students can get an overview of the important topics which will help them to determine how much time they should allocate to a particular chapter/unit.
  • Students can create their daily, weekly and monthly plan based on the syllabus. It will help them to make their studies more organised and structured.
  • During the revision process, the syllabus works as a checklist. By looking at the syllabus, students will get to know which topics they have covered and which are yet remaining.

In short, we can say that a syllabus contains functions and ideas based on which a students’ performance is assessed in the final exam. The syllabus is said to be a significant resource because the textbooks, previous year papers, important questions, sample papers, notes, etc are all based on it. For example, TS SCERT Books are designed by referring to the prescribed syllabus. So, be thorough with the syllabus to write the final exam with confidence.


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