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 How to Find A Good High School Tutor in Perth

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Finding a good high school tutor in Perth could be a daunting task for many parents. There are so many factors that need to consider. Otherwise, you will only waste your money. As we all know, the average price for a private tutor for a high school in Perth is around $32. So, you need to do it carefully to get a tutor for your children. How to find the best tutor? Here we have several tips for finding a high school tutor.

Look for Tutor with Good Overall Experience

You need to look for a tutor that has two types of experience. First of all, they must work in this industry for many years. That shows their knowledge and capability as a tutor, which can be trusted by their clients. The other types of experience are their experience in working in a company that provides this service.

The unaffiliated tutor might have good knowledge. But, those who work with a company will have a better standard on how to provide their service. Therefore, they have better efficiency. Choose one that works with a company the longest.

Choose the Local and Closest Location

The cost of the private high school tutor in Perth is including transportation and distance as well. Therefore, if you hire a tutor that lives in a different city, you will need to pay more for their service. Make sure you use the local tutor that stays and operates within your area. That will cut down the service fee and you save more budget.

It might be difficult to find it yourself. So, you should use the help from the tutor service company for this one. They have the tool that helps you to find the closest tutor location to your living place. Use it to find the tutor that you need.

The Duration and Frequency of the Lessons

You might only need a tutor for preparing for your children’s exams in high school, which usually takes several weeks. However, that will cost you more than it should be. Many private tutors for high schools in Perth provide the lesson pack for their service. It consists of several choices of lessons duration and frequency at a more affordable price than hiring them for the period that you want. Use this option to get a discount on their service fee.

Furthermore, most private tutors provide their first lesson for free. Try to ask about this matter as well. Some of them don’t have this kind of bonus. But, it doesn’t mean they are a bad choice. If you can find one with this bonus, that is a better choice.


We believe you will find the best high school tutor that you need with our tips. Also, we recommend you use the tutor provider service or company. They are the best solution to find a private tutor for your loved one. Choose the provider that you can trust and is affordable. Now, you are ready to get the best high school tutor in Perth.

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