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Back Massage: Top Tips That’ll Make You a Pro

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Professionally given massage can easily stop the back pain and help to restore your health. Yet, it requires constant training. If you want to be able to provide healing massage, you have to learn how to do it. You will find numerous tips on massageforbody.com, and you can start with basic recommendations in this article.

Basic Massage Recommendations for Beginners

Here you will learn your first steps when it comes to massage techniques. To become a professional, you need to sign up for massage courses. All you will be able to provide is light massage without specific medical education. Start with the very beginning:

  • Prepare the place. You will need to ensure you can reach the back of the person to provide a massage. The best way is to have a massage table. If you don’t have one, use the bed or sofa where your “patient” can stretch the back. You may also prepare the room, including the relaxing music and aroma candles in it. If a person suffers from muscle tension, it will help to relax;
  • Pour the oil into your palm before you start rubbing the back. The best oils are grape seed, coconut, and almond. They have a pleasant relaxing scent and warm up the body. Spread this oil across the back. Use gliding strokes from the lower back to the center. Always move upward, don’t press too much. You need to repeat the same moves for up to 5 minutes. Move to another part of the body;
  • Try the petrissage type of massage. Stroke the area you need with short circular moves. You can create more pressure. It will provide better circulation of blood in the area. You may use palms or tips of the fingers. Try to move from the waist, not from the shoulders. Use this technique for no more than 5 minutes, and then change it. Start lighter strokes;
  • Percussive strokes are repetitive and light. Use your fingertips or cupped hands to contact the back. Light percussive strokes create a compressive effect on the spine. If you don’t want to get tired in no time, you have to relax your wrists and flex them. Make quick movements to avoid extra pressure on the back. Use this technique only up to 3 minutes before you change it. Try not to focus on one small area only. There is an electric gun massager that uses similar taps. You may try it if you want to massage your own back;
  • Muscle-lifting moves. You have to gently close your fingers like a lobster claw. Twist and lift skin slightly. Don’t make a move painful. You can repeat this procedure up to 3 times on the back.

A Massage You Need

You can always teach another person to massage your back once you learn how to do it yourself. If you don’t have anyone else around but you suffer from back pain, you can use electric massagers. All you need is to press the button and hold them in the area with pain. These basic recommendations will help you to learn more about massage.

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