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How To Celebrate Getting Into Your Dream School

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Your family has been preaching the importance of higher education since you were in elementary school. The choices for college are overwhelming, and it seems as though the competition is only getting tougher as the admission rates drop and tuition prices skyrocket. The thought of sitting in a fluorescent-lit room for another four years after high school may not seem that appealing to you. For you, maybe the dream is to stay out on the football field until you’re literally forced to leave. Nothing brings you joy the way watching ESPN all Sunday afternoon does. So now, it’s finally hit you: You’re heading for a sports management program.

Applying to dream schools is emotionally taxing.

Keeping your GPA up has demanded a lot of your time, but now all of that hard work is going to pay off. After journaling while lounging on your new backyard decor and embarking on a journey of self-discovery for months, you’ve discovered that your true passion lies within the sports management industry. You’ve admired the administrators at school who work diligently to support their students’ dreams, and your favorite mentor has encouraged you to apply to a list of your top schools. The thought of spending your days dedicated to sports leadership, sports psychology, and learning about the business side of sports makes you happier than you’ve ever felt before.

After spending countless hours speaking to industry professionals, perfecting applications to the best school programs in the nation, and conducting extensive market research, you’ve finally decided to apply to the top sport management masters programs in the United States. Now, you’ve done all you can do, and it’s simply time to wait for the results. Of course, this is much easier said than done. But to you, nothing is more exciting than the world of sports, so it will all be worth it once you open that acceptance letter. Working for a professional sports team is at the top of your career goals, and you’re certain to spend years of full-time study in order to achieve it. The sports industry may be competitive, but so are you, and your athletic director has full confidence in your acceptance. Schools like FSU, UConn, and the University of Georgia are calling your name. Or, perhaps graduate school at the University of Louisville? The opportunities are endless.

You got in! Now, it’s time to celebrate.

You did it! You’re heading to the best school in the nation for sports science to earn your undergraduate degree. And on top of that, you snagged a summer internship to give you real-life work experience and credit hours. Thankfully, all that hard work paid off, and it’s time to dance and celebrate. There is no better feeling than having a happy and joyous occasion to invite your friends and family over to celebrate your achievement. Now, you need ideas to create the perfect party. Check out these tips for creating a great party. In order to host a party that would make even the Kardashians jealous, you may be in need of a backyard decor upgrade.

Throwing the perfect outdoor party.

The backyard is a dedicated space to enjoying nature and gathering with loved ones outside of the confines of your home. Creating your dream backyard in an inexpensive way will allow you and your closest friends to cozy up by the warm fire created by the fire pit you recently installed, roasting yummy marshmallows and lit up by the new outdoor lighting that still allows you to gaze up at the stars. A projector can bring the movies to your own backyard, equipped with armless chairs and pillows to create a relaxing and cozy space.

With all of the hard work that life requires, you’re allowed to treat yourself to a total backyard makeover extravagant enough to host your cousin’s backyard wedding or a graduation party for your classmates. You’re ready to start your management career in the sports industry by earning your master’s degree, and you’re going to celebrate by dancing on your patio furniture all night long! Check out these insane Kardashian parties to give you some creative ideas for your DIY backyard party.



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