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5 Things Every College Student Needs to Succeed

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College is an exploration period in life during which students figure out who they are, who they want to be, and what they want to be. It’s also, of course, a time to expand the mind and become an expert in a particular field. Whether you believe you have it all figured out or are trying to find your dream major, here are five things every college student needs to succeed.

Proper Technology

Not all majors require the latest technology to succeed, but at the very least all students need access to a computer. They might also need a printer. Luckily, most departments and libraries have computer labs, with some even offering rental services for laptops. Nonetheless, technology plays a big role in a student’s success as that’s where a student will do his or her work, research, access documents for each class, etc.

The proper technology can also relate to software and devices outside the classroom. For example, a phone is a necessity and depending on how you value memories in the form of pictures and videos, you might also want to be able to privately share photos online. After all, privacy is significant, especially during a digital age in which hacking is so prevalent. Plus, having your photos in a secure location can also ensure they don’t get deleted off your phone, computer, or laptop. Technology, in all of its forms, is essential for college students.

Time-Management Skills

Time-management skills are crucial in college as they’re skills that will also play a huge role after college. These skills will help you manage your classes, workload, reading assignments, and everything you do inside and outside the classroom. Time-management skills will allow you to properly prioritize your tasks as well as allocate the right amount of time for everything you do. Colleges are known for rigorous workloads and curriculum and it’s easy to fall behind, which is why time-management skills are important. These skills can also help you free up more time for life outside the classroom.


Good Support System

A good support system can consist of friends, family members, professors, and faculty members. A good support system is needed because college is a time of transition. This period can be hard to navigate as you’ll likely have more responsibilities, not to mention college is like a full-time job. A good support system will be there for moral support and advice as well as take your mind off stressful times, such as finals week.

Good Work Ethic

Work ethic is a close cousin of time management. A good one will allow you to prioritize assignments, tasks, and entertainment. It will allow you to do your best work and finish everything by the deadline. Similar to time-management skills, a good work ethic will take you far in life.

Healthy Mind

A healthy mind is the final ingredient college students need to succeed. While college can be the best four years of your life, it can also be stressful. Young people tend to harbor the mindset that what they’re currently doing is bigger than life. For example, they believe a bad test score is the worst thing imaginable. While grades are important, what’s even more important is keeping a healthy mind as it will allow you to tackle everything you do with determination and happiness.

Ways to take care of your mental health include exercising, meditating, incorporating downtime, having a healthy sleep schedule, and going to therapy. If you’re considering therapy, we encourage you to visit withtherapy.com as With Therapy can help you find a medical professional and pair you with a personalized shortlist of the best therapists. Mental health is arguably the most essential ingredient when it comes to the success (and happiness) of a college student.

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