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What if you take advantage of confinement to learn what you’ve always dreamed of?

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After almost a month of confinement, hope you haven’t been bored yet. For those who no longer know what to do with their days and who have seen the Netflix catalog pass without respite since Tuesday noon, a few ideas come to their rescue.

To keep you entertained for the next few days or even weeks, these 7 new activities can fill your days and ultimately make you happier. Between learning a new language, making cocktails or even using your soft skills, you will come out with new (almost) essential skills!

1. Learn a foreign language without traveling

You were planning to learn Spanish Barcelona? Well, border are closed now but there are some good news about it! Recognized institutes like Expanish offer classes in their Barcelona institute but also online… so why not give it a try?

Learning a language has many benefits: being able to communicate when traveling, boosting your CV, working on your memory… In two weeks of learning you will not be bilingual but you will certainly be able to get by with a completely correct basic level (or perfect a foreign language that you have reluctantly rusted …).

2. Code like a king

If Spanish is not for you, you can learn another form of language: code. According to some, knowing how to code will become a necessity, students in many countries of the world are already taking compulsory courses at school.

So why not get started too? It can only help you then on the CV… Whatever your motivations, know that many platforms and applications offer free training. Among them, Open Classrooms or Codecademy. There are also trainers who are hitting the boards on Udemy.

And if after confinement tells you to continue or deepen your learning, many schools offer free programs.

3. Cooking to have fun

With all restaurants closed, and if you don’t want to end up with an exorbitant bill on Ubereats, it’s time to put yourself in the oven. If you’re like many of us and your signature dish is a toast lawyer, there are online courses that will help you elevate your culinary game. You can start by learning basic cooking techniques with this completely free MOOC. It is divided into five parts: vegetables, eggs and sauces, meats, fish and pastries. After ten hours of lessons, cooking will have no secrets for you.

There are of course the unconditional sites which offers more than tens of thousands of recipes recipes, classified according to their level of difficulty. You will find video tutorials to help you.

4. Replay your musical instrument to please your neighbors

Now is the time to (re) learn your favorite musical instrument. For that, we already advise you to immerse yourself in learning music theory which will allow you to read any score. There are many applications: Solfa, Musiclever or Meludia (paid).

You also have the option of taking online courses.

5. Yoga and meditation

Now more than ever, we must remain calm, Zen. It’s time to get into yoga. In addition to the psychological benefits of relaxation from the practice of yoga, it will allow you to keep in shape physically, to stretch, to keep your muscles active while your movements are greatly reduced. There is something for everyone, from the more sporty and dynamic to the softer.

Many yogi lovers are also followers of meditation. In an increasingly fast and connected world, it is important to take time to refocus on oneself and one’s mental well-being. With confinement, distractions are reduced and you will find that starting or ending your day with quick meditation will help you endure it.

6. Train yourself as a bartender

Learning how to make cocktails can be very useful over the next few weeks. Who knows, the bars may stay closed for a long time and we will be confined to the house. But no need to deprive yourself of a good little virtual drink with friends on a Saturday evening (or Monday, or Tuesday …). So why not take advantage of this free time to learn a little more about cocktails?

7. Latte Art

If your dry January has gone on until now or if you are passionate about coffee, forget about bartending. You are offered to become a barista instead.

With confinement, you’re not about to settle down in your favorite cafe or coworking space, but you can try to recreate the atmosphere by learning how to make your heart-shaped “slats” like the pros.

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