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Best career option after ANM/GNM

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General nursing and midwifery or commonly known as GNM and Auxiliary nursing and midwifery (ANM) are some of the most trending nursing courses that a candidate can pursue after class 10th or 12th. ANM/GNM can be a good career option if you are aiming for your career in nursing. It is a decent course that comes with many job opportunities and that too with decent pay.

In India, you can enrol in numerous nursing courses available, and almost all of them are quite good, but general nursing and midwifery (GNM) and Auxiliary nursing and midwifery (ANM) are some of the best nursing courses. These are the most basic nursing courses that you can enrol in after completion of your class 12th. Even though these courses are basic, the career opportunities they provide in both government and private sector are incredible. Apart from this, the highest requirement of such candidates is in the health care sector.

Described below are some of the best career options that you can go with after pursuing a course in ANM/GNM.

What is Auxiliary nursing and midwifery (ANM)?

ANM or Auxiliary nursing and midwifery are entry-level courses for any aspirant who wants to pursue their career in the field of nursing. The candidates that pursue ANM courses from India are open to many job opportunities and even allow a professional to pursue a master’s degree course in the relevant field and also provide a sound knowledge of that field.

It is a diploma course that even allows students belonging to the non-science stream to pursue this course in nursing. If you are a person that wants to contribute a part to the development of this society and help the needy, then this course stands you a chance to help people with poor medical facilities. The best part of this course is that you can even enroll in this course after completion of your class 10th.

What is General nursing and Midwifery (GNM)?

General nursing and midwifery, or GNM is a similar course to ANM; it is also a basic course that provides a brief about nursing and medical practice. It is a specialization course and a successor of ANM, which provides a deeper knowledge of the particular field. It is a course that provides you a sound knowledge of the day-to-day operations carried out in a hospital. Like ANM, General Nursing and midwifery also provide you with training to polish your skills and to get hands-on experience. But unlike Auxiliary nursing and midwifery, a candidate with a non-science stream is not eligible to take admission in the GNM course. A student who has passed class 12th with science field is only eligible to take admission in this course. However, when it comes to career opportunities, both courses stand the same and provide you with good job opportunities in the future.

Highlights of course (ANM)

ANM or Auxiliary nursing and midwifery are a diploma course in nursing that takes two years to complete. Any student who has passed class 10th or 12th can take in this course. A candidate from a non-science stream can also participate in this course. It is an entry-level course in nursing and is open to many job opportunities in government and private hospitals. A candidate can even pursue a GNM course just after completion of the ANM course.

Highlights of course (GNM)

General nursing and midwifery or GNM is a diploma course in nursing that can be completed in 3years with six months training period. To be eligible for this course, a student must have completed class 12th. The candidates from the science field can only enroll in this course. GNM is an entry-level course in nursing that provides tremendous job opportunities in the public and private health care sector. After completion of this course, a candidate can further enroll in the B.Sc. nursing program.

Areas of employment after ANM and GNM in India

After pursuing a diploma course in ANM or GNM from India, you can find several jobs in different sectors. But mostly, you can find an ideal job in a health care unit, private or government hospitals, etc. Also, opportunities are open in nursing homes, old age homes, dispensaries, and community health care units after pursuing any of these courses.

Job profile after GNM and ANM in India

As mentioned above, you can work as a nurse in any public or private hospital after pursuing this course from India. Thus in hospitals, health care units, and nursing homes, these professionals carry out different tasks, and their job profile is decided accordingly. After completion of ANM, you can work as an ICU nurse, mid-wife, home nurse, military nurse, and basic health community worker. While on the other hand, you can work as a staff nurse, school nurse, industry nurse, health care worker, and ward nurse after graduating from GNM.

Salary after ANM and GNM courses in India

Many students dream to work as a health care worker or a nurse and contribute their part to the wellbeing of society. But to achieve this aim, an ideal candidate must have relevant degrees and certifications like ANM and GNM.

An ANM graduate from India can earn a good salary by doing ANM and GNM Course that can fall somewhere in between INR 10,000-25,000/ month. In any field, the salary generally depends upon the skills possessed by a candidate and the educational qualification of the candidate. A higher degree and experience in a relevant field can earn you a good income. Thus after ANM, a candidate can further pursue B.Sc. in nursing to get a better job with a decent salary.

A graduate from GNM can fairly earn a good and more income than an ANM graduate. It is because of the course, and GNM is a specialization course that provides better jobs. The monthly salary of GNM graduates ranges between 10,000-30000 INR monthly. Even though GNM is a specialization degree but you can still opt for a master’s degree program just after completing it and can get a better job.

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