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How to clean your study desk?

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For a student,  his studying desk is more important than anything else. Meanwhile, most of them also seek methods to clean them well. If you are also a one, this article is for you. 

The most important thing for the durability of the table is the best deck sealer for pressure treated wood. It will help you to increase your table’s durability and, at the same time, helps to keep its color fresh and attractive. 

Let’s move towards a few easy steps to clean your study table effectively. Ultimately a clean table keeps you focused during studying. 

Steps to clean your study table 

Remove all the things from the table.

The first step is to remove each and every piece of stuff from the table. Make sure not even a single page or pencil remains on the table. If your table has a drawer, make sure to remove all the things from the drawers as well.

Place all the stuff in front of you as you have to separate usable things and useless things. 

Dispose of all the useless 

It’s time to say goodbye to all the useless stuff you have on your table. It is only overcrowding your study surface. 

Cross-check all the documents you are going to dispose of. Make sure those documents do not contain any sensitive information. Moreover, it does not contain any personal information. 

Wipe out the table 

Grab a towel with soft fibers and start wiping off the table. Start from the surface of the table, then its legs. Do not forget to clean under the area of the table, first of all, clean out all the desks with a dry towel. 

After ensuring that there is no dust on the table, use a neat and clean cloth or a towel to dampen it with a wood cleaner and clean the table once again. In case you do not have a wood cleaner, you can use DIY I am sharing below. 

Take ¼ cup of white vinegar and add half a spoon of any detergent into it. Now insert this solution into a bowl and add half a cup of water into it. Your table cleaner is ready. 

Keep stuff in a better way. 

Now it’s time to keep the stuff in organized way. If there are shelves on your table, then it is very best. Keep things separate by using these shelves. Books and notebooks on one shelf, stationery and other stuff on the other. 

Make sure your table surface should be clear from unnecessary things. 

Place a dustbin near the table. 

Here is an additional tip for you to save you from distractions while studying. Place a dustbin near your table. Throw each and every unnecessary thing in it. Ultimately it will keep the desk neat and clean, and you stay focused. 

 Final Words 

A neat and clean study area and things help students keep motivated and fresh while studying. So if you are a student or a parent, make sure your child has a neat and clean study area.  

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