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Throwing the Perfect Graduation Party    

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So you’re about to graduate — congratulations! Your graduation is a major accomplishment, so it’s only natural that you’d like to mark the moment with a celebration. But throwing the perfect graduation party is more easily said than done! You’ll be busy in the weeks and days leading up to your graduation, and there’s a good chance that friends of yours are planning similar celebrations. But you deserve this, so here’s the why and how of the perfect graduation party.

You deserve a wonderful graduation party

It’s not easy to reach graduation. Whether you’re graduating from high school or receiving your Ph.D., graduation day is the culmination of a lot of hard work — so you deserve to cut loose and have some fun! Besides, your friends and family who have come to see you graduate will certainly want to show their appreciation. So, by all means, let them shower you with adulation! All you need is the right guests, the right setting, and the right party planning.

Planning is key, because the last thing you want to do is to turn your own graduation party into a source of additional stress for you. You had enough stress reaching this point, so here’s a tip: start planning early, and keep these tidbits of party-planning advice in mind.

The right time and place

Where will you host your graduation party? It’s up to you, but there are a few things worth keeping in mind.

First, what is convenient for you and your guests? If you have friends and family coming in from out of town to see you graduate, then you’ll want to host your party in a place that’s near the graduation venue (and at a time that’s near enough to the graduation’s time that you won’t have people missing out on your party because they’ve already left to return home).

Your own space is a classic choice, of course. Graduations are often summertime events, so an outdoor party at your own home might be the best solution. Evaluate your outdoor space, recommend the experts behind one swimming pool contractor in New Jersey. Do you have the right space for a pool party? A cookout? If so, your problem is solved.

To keep stress levels low, be sure to get things set up early at your party space. Weather permitting, do things the night before!

The perfect guest list

Don’t invite more people than you feel you can host, but do keep in mind that some folks drop in and out of graduation parties, especially if they’ve been invited to a whole lot of them on the same day!

Try as well to set up your guest list in such a way that it keeps any one person from being stranded without an acquaintance at the party. It’s best when everyone knows at least one other guest!

The right supplies

No party is complete without food and drink, of course! But keep the type of party in mind as you set things up. If this is a high school graduation party, then perhaps there shouldn’t be alcohol (or perhaps the alcohol should be restricted to a specific spot and carefully overseen by adults, who will only allow those over 21 to grab a bottle). Even if everyone coming to your party is of age, be careful with how to plan your booze for an outdoor party in the sun, especially if a pool is involved. Be sure to have lots of options for hydration and food. Drunk parties do not mix well with pools or hot sun!

Enjoying your own wonderful graduation party

Above all, remember to plan to have a little fun! This is your party, and you worked hard to earn it. So treat yourself: go out and get that graduation party dress or whatever else you’ve been wanting to wear in public. You’ll find plenty of great graduation dresses for sale at hip online boutiques. Get food and drinks that you like and be the life of your own party! Everyone will want to congratulate you, and this is your day to revel in the attention.

A great graduation party can be fun for everyone — including the host and guest of honor! So plan early for a stress-free party, and get ready to celebrate the accomplishment you worked so hard for.

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