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Soundcloud Followers Are The Key To Success

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Every young musician that comes to SoundCloud with the idea to make a career, dreams about having a lot of likes, plays, and followers. Getting them is not easy, though. It takes a lot of hard work, devotion, and talent too. On top of everything, you’ll need a lot of professional marketing that you simply can’t do alone.

Which one of the mentioned is the most important for creating a successful career? Some say that the most important are the plays. Others think that it’s the likes. They claim this because whenever someone comes to your profile and plays some of your songs, it gives you a higher number of these.

Artists with the most plays and likes are considered the most successful on the platform. They are also the most appreciated and the most influential.

However, the real key to success is how much followers you actually have. Why? Because they are the ones that make all the difference in building your career. Read on to see what this means!

Followers are the true potential for sharing and reposting

To build a career on SoundCloud you need someone to share and repost your tracks whenever you post them. If you get someone influential to do it, you’ll score the most. The more followers you have, the more chances you get to find your tracks on other people’s profiles and make others hear it too.

That’s why a lot of people decide to buy followers from some of the many webpages providing this. This is a great idea for boosting your profile, but the real problem here is that fake followers and fake bot profiles are not going to do anything for you.

What you need to do is buy SoundCloud Real Followers. They are going to be a part of your network and will share your stuff to people who never heard of you and your music. If you manage to publish a really good piece, you can be sure that it will be spread like fire among the community. It may even go viral on other social networks too.

The most important part of growing your network and become big is getting more and more followers. If you have a hard time getting them because of your work, don’t hesitate to visit some of the pages and buy some.

It speaks about your quality in a genre

You can be sure that once you build a network of followers, they’ll share your passion, ideas, and love for the music. If you’re an electronic music lover, you can be sure that you won’t have a lot of rappers inside your circle.

The more followers you get that are in love with the same type of music you love, the higher the reputation you get. You can’t expect people who love metal music to share your tracks, right? People who work in the same field and love listening to the same type of music will certainly share your work if they find it cool.

All this speaks about your quality. Having more followers that listen to your type of music and share your passion will certainly be glad to repost your stuff. This is why we say the followers are the most important in building your music career.

Always repost and follow back

If you want to have a lot of them, you need to play by the rules. Some people think they are stars before they even start publishing. This is not the proper way to get any attention.

Whenever someone follows you, it’s important to follow them back and make them feel appreciated and accepted by you. Also, whenever someone posts something you find appealing, you should repost it to your profile.

This is how you make friends, and friends are the most important in this community. Building a network of people who appreciate what you do is not easy but it’s the most important. As you work your way through, not just you’ll build your own community of friends, but you’ll also have a lot of fun on the way.

Commenting, liking, chats on different subjects are something that will make your time on SoundCloud both fun and educative. You will learn about how other artists work, what they have in mind, you’ll share ideas and you’ll brainstorm with some of your new friends. Learn more about the benefits of brainstorming on this link.


As you can see, it’s great to have likes and plays, but followers make the difference over time. They’ll always be here to share your tracks and to follow your work. They are your true fans.

As you grow, they’ll be beside you and they’ll help you become big. When you make it one day, don’t forget about them and return the favor.

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