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How You Can Help With COVID-19

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Unemployment numbers in the U.S. continue to rise as people are stuck in their homes and without an income due to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting quarantine. For others, they may just want to know what they can do to have a tangible impact on the lives of others during a difficult time. Whether you are in the need of a job right now, you have a servant’s heart and desire to help others, or a combination of the two, there are things you can do right now to make a difference. Here are three ways in which you can make an impact and have a positive influence on the lives of others.

1. Obtain a Firefighter Certification Online

Many fire departments across the country are experiencing a shortage of workers as healthcare workers and EMTs are getting sick themselves. This takes people out of the healthcare field where there is currently a high demand for qualified people. If you have an interest in fighting fires, being a first responder, and learning how to provide emergency medical care, you can actually get a firefighter certification online. Get certified from the comfort and privacy of your home and then get out there and make a difference.

2. Volunteer

There are many opportunities to volunteer and help those who need it most right now. The elderly and those with compromised immune systems are not able to pick up prescriptions or get groceries due to the risk of being too close to others. Social distancing is not always easy at the grocery stores, especially in states that don’t have restrictions on the number of people allowed into a store or include extra hours for at-risk community members. Find out who has a need in your direct community and then offer to help.

3. Donate

Donations can vary as much as your creativity. The first thing that comes to mind with donations is a monetary donation, which is in high demand. However, you can also donate supplies to hospitals and others in need. If you can sew, make masks for local healthcare workers; donate meals to your local hospitals so that healthcare workers can eat a good meal, or give some of your non-perishable items to local food pantries so that they can remain stocked for those in need.

You can make a difference in so many ways during this important time. Determine what the need is in your immediate area and what you can do to fill it. Your unique contribution will be genuinely appreciated in the lives of those you serve!

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