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3 Simple Tips to Get the Best Freshers Assessment Result

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A good freshers assessment technique will help you to filter the entire unqualified applicant and get only the best individual for your company. This method is the core of a modern company’s success. As we all know, the employees’ performance has a direct effect on how well your company will go in the competition.

However, not many employers know how to do that. In the worst case, they even miss many applicants that have a good skill and quality that can improve their company’s performance and result. Therefore, to avoid the same problem happening to your company, here we have collected several techniques to interview and find the best individual for your company.


To let the applicant show what they can do, try to make a relaxing atmosphere in the interview. You can do it using various methods. But, the easiest one would be choosing the casual interview location. For example, try to use a cafe or any place where you can avoid the crowd. It helps the applicant to open their heart, relax, and you can know who they are.

Understand Human Psychology 

You don’t have to take the school to learn this subject. Use the simple psychology trick that can help the applicant to feel at ease. For example, people like others that have similar characteristics or personalities. So, when you interview the freshers, try to relate yourself to them. That can help them show their capability that you can measure and use to decide to accept or reject them.

The other trick you also can use is complimenting the applicant. However, make sure you give them a sincere compliment, not a fake one. This sincerity is necessary if you want to know more about those freshers who want to work at your company.

Use Open-Ended Question Type

The human psychology trick above helps the freshers to gain more confidence. Once they have that, you can try to dig deeper by asking an open-ended question. It is the question that needs an elaborated or expanded answer. That way, you can measure how well that person’s knowledge and skill on the subject or field are similar to your business category. Or, if you ask them, yes and no question, make sure you give another question that makes them explain why they choose that answer.

Create the Timeframe for the Interview

When you are using too much time and letting the conversation go array, it only keeps you away from the information that you are looking for from the applicant. They are unable to show their skill and knowledge. It is all because the interview has no focused topic. So, make a list of what you want to do to create a more efficient interview session.


Finding out what a fresher can do is indeed complicated. The technique we covered above will help you to make that much easier. It is up to you, the interviewer, how you conduct and steer the interview. That way, you will get the best freshers assessment result.

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