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How to Choose the Best Primary School Tutor

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Most primary school students need a tutor at certain times, for example, when preparing for the final exam. Tutors are basically great for students of all backgrounds and academic levels. Not only for primary school students, but also for junior high school, senior high school, and even university students. If you want to explore primary school tutoring options for your children, you want to choose the best one with proper experience and effective tutoring methods.

Depending on your kids’ personality, learning style, and progress at school, you can look for different qualities in tutors. But there are some characteristics that you must consider when choosing a tutor. Here they are.

Subject Expertise

When you are looking for primary school tutoring for your children, you need to decide if they need a general tutor or the one with experience and expertise in a particular subject. A general tutor can help your kids with various lessons, and they can focus on developing study habits that will apply across different subjects. Though general tutors have basic understandings of many subjects, they probably cannot give advanced instructions for certain topics.

If you search for a tutor to help your children with multiple subjects, it is better to choose the one with a degree or academic background. If your kids need help with certain subjects, specialized tutors can give deeper instructions about the topics. In this case, it is important to know how much experience that the tutor has in the subject. If your primary school kid needs a math tutor, it is a good idea to choose the one with at least a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or a closely related field.


Tutoring is all about communication. The best primary school tutoring is a great speaker who can clearly deliver information as well as a good listener. They should be good in understanding that their students are struggling to be better. Find a tutor who asks more. It is because their role is not to explain concepts or guide students step by step through confusing ideas. Instead, a good tutor should be able to persuade their students towards the right process of thinking through questions with light emphasis on tutoring.

Tutors should also be friendly and open to parents and also teachers. As a parent, do not hesitate to ask them about your children’s progress once or twice a week. The US Education Department recommends coordination between tutors and teachers, identifying it as one of the essential factors for effective tutoring.


A good tutor can put themselves in their students’ shoes. They should also be patient and have skills to work with different students with different personalities. Keep in mind that the best tutor and teacher are not the smartest one in their class. For example, a talented tutor in math probably finds it hard to communicate with their students. Flexibility is also an important personality that tutors should have. They should be able to adapt with different learning styles, let go of ineffective practices, and learn the effective ones.

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