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Importance of Astrology in Education

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Astrology is significant in education as it helps in the right choice of educational study hence the right career path. Education of a person represents the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 9th house, which represents different stages of education or some educational field. One condition must be achieved to succeed in education; the concerned house, its lord, and the significant planet of the field of study must be in a good state. Systems and methodology of imparting education vary from one continent to another.

2nd house education in astrology

From the 2nd house and its lord, we judge the early childhood education in its development stages. If there is any influence on this house like weak or afflicted planets are placed, then the natives face problems in early age education, which result in a break in education. Planets like Saturn and Rahu create many complexities during this time.

4th house in astrology and education

This house represents the mind and mental stability. It also shows a person’s emotional sensitivity towards learning and individual’s grasping power, which depends basically on its lords and the strength of the house. If both are in a good state, the native is likely to score well. But if one or both are under a bad influence, then the natives become a failure. The failure is likely to be caused by poor grasping of power and restless mind. How much anxious or strong the mind it depends on the intensity of weakness and strength of the planet placed in the house, its lord, and the house itself.

5th house in astrology and education

This house represents the memory and grasping the power of an individual. It also represents the analytical power of the native. Based on the strength of this house, it can be predicted whether a native will pass high school or not to go for further bachelor-degree studies and more.

9th house generation and astrology

This helps in the prediction of higher studies, even beyond bachelors. The planets responsible for this house are Jupiter and mercury. It covers fields like spirituality, science, science, and religion.

Other astrological combination related to education

There is another house of education which is the 8th house that represents education which is not related to mainstream or conventional, but those that relate to occult or any kind of secret or research-oriented studies

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter or guru is considered as a “karaka” or signification of education and knowledge. As it is the planet of knowledge, wisdom, creativity, intuition, thinking, and memory. When placed in the trine (1st, 5th, 9th) or angle (1st, 4th, 7th.10th) with the owner of the fifth or fourth house, it brings good results in educational studies.

Mercury denotes abundant knowledge or intelligence. For best results, mercury along with Jupiter should be well placed in the birth chart. Saturn, on the other hand, represents the earth’s air. It’s the slowest moving planet hence areas like mines, petroleum, leather, and minerals belong here.

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