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4 Daily Application of Inteligencia Artificial You Might Never Knew

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Inteligencia artificial or artificial intelligence (AI) is an automated process of a computer to analyze, understand, and act based on data and statistics. The latest AI also has a learning capability. This ability allows this system to formulate a new behavior based on the new data entry. Today, the application of this autonomous system is quite common. Below, we have several AI applications examples that you also can find in your daily life.

Navigation System

The navigation system is an easy-to-find example of artificial intelligence application in our daily life. The AI in the navigation system can find the best route you can take to reach the destination. It uses various data to present that information. It includes traffic information, weather, building condition, and many others. More importantly, you can use it easily.

Facial Detection and Recognition

The face detection system is also another application of artificial intelligence you can find in daily life. You can find it on many devices, such as mobile device locking systems, security systems, and attendance systems. The AI system scans your face then uses several data about the part that makes each face different from the other. Thus, it can recognize a specific face that has been registered before to activate the other function.

Autocorrect Feature on Texting Application

Autocorrect seems a simple feature that nobody pays attention to. But this feature is also another form of AI. The AI system in it provides the correct word when you may make a typo. This recommended word is the result of the Inteligencia artificial analysis of the grammar and vocabulary data saved in the application or cloud. It uses it to provide recommendations based on grammar formulas.

It is also the same for the suggested word. When you use the chat or messaging application, you must be familiar with the recommended word that pops up when typing a word. The AI system in this feature gives you the recommendation based on the previous text or message you have sent before. Therefore, it is not surprising if you can find a lot of slang or jargon you were frequently using when chatting. That is how the AI system works.

Search and Recommendation

The internet also has an AI system of its own. When you search using a keyword, you will also get many recommendations of the topic related to that keyword. That is also the work of AI. It uses the cache or search history to recommend that topic. Other than that, AI also extracts the trending search to give you that recommendation.


Artificial intelligence is one of the essential parts of modern people’s life. Without it, you will feel that something is missing from your routine. It is helpful, useful, and changes how people live. It makes your life much easier, more productive, and happy. Moreover, the current AI system is only the beginning of Inteligencia artificial. We believe that you will find much better AI than you ever imagined in the future.

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