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How Certain Glasses Can Help with Dyslexia

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Dyslexia is a learning disability that makes it difficult for your brain to differentiate certain letters as you read. People with dyslexia often struggle to keep up with schoolwork and normal work, as it can take them longer to process reading material. There are many different programs and technologies available that can help counteract the challenges that dyslexia brings. One such technology available is a pair of smart glasses. Cognitive load and dyslexia can work together to increase the struggle of those with dyslexia. Smart glasses can give them an easier time with school and work.

Cognitive Overload

Each brain has a limit on how much information it can take in before becoming overloaded. Anything can count as stimuli contributing towards your brain’s capacity load. When you watch a movie, read a book, or see letters appear on a screen as you type, your brain is experiencing a certain level of stress while keeping up with the new information.

For someone with dyslexia, this information load is often doubled as they read and write. Because the brain has to work harder to try and figure out which letter it’s looking at, it becomes more tired over time. Without additional help in reducing cognitive overload, it’s easy for people with dyslexia to become burnt out and to struggle with their workload.

How Glasses Can Help

The right pair of smart glasses can help reduce the cognitive load on one’s brain. The technology in the frames of the glasses helps the brain focus and more easily differentiate between letters. With this aid, the brain doesn’t reach its cognitive overload as quickly. This allows the wearer to work longer without suffering the effects of an overload.

The lenses also provide additional benefits. If your work involves a lot of screen time, the blue light from the screens can negatively affect your eyes. Too much exposure to blue light can cause dry and itchy eyes. Overexposure, especially at night, can also cause sleep disturbances. By blocking out blue light, smart glasses can also help your eyes stay safe and healthy longer.

Other Help

While smart glasses provide a lot of relief, people with dyslexia can also rely on other methods to help them stay focused and work better. For example, there are certain fonts designed to be dyslexia-friendly. These fonts make each letter stand out, so it’s easier for your brain to differentiate them. When used in conjunction with smart glasses, other technologies and programs can help those with dyslexia improve in school and at work.

Cognitive load and dyslexia can make life difficult, whether it’s falling behind at school or work or not having the energy after focusing all day to do what you enjoy. A pair of smart glasses can help combat dyslexia symptoms. When wearing smart glasses, you’ll find your brain can comprehend what it’s reading and writing more easily, leaving less of a cognitive strain. Not only that, your eyes will be healthier, and your sleep pattern is likely to regulate. With the right pair of glasses, all aspects of your life can improve.

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