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How Cm in Feet Helps People to Convert Cm to Feet or Inches Faster

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Some people get used to using cm or centimeters to measure something, some others use feet. They often get confused when getting a denomination that is different that they often use. One of the ways is by converting it. Nowadays, you can convert cm to feet or vice versa easily by visiting Cm in feet. Here is the way to do it.

Use the Cm to Feet Converter  

Converting cm to feet and vice versa using a converter is the simplest way to get the result. You only have to input the cm or feet value. The converter system will automatically convert the value. Best of all, the result in the converter has rounded to the last two decimal places. It makes the result easy to use, especially for students.

Use Manual Measurement 

You may want to know how 1 cm equals 0.03 feet. Use a manual measurement to know where the result comes from. For example, you want to convert 32 centimeters into feet. You only have to divide 32 by 30.48.

The answer will be the conversion in feet. It means that 32 centimeters equal 1.05 feet. Indeed, it takes time because you have to calculate the result manually. This method is unsuitable if you need the result immediately. You may also get the wrong result while calculating it manually. That’s why Cm in Feet gives you a solution to convert cm to feet accurately and fast.

The Origin of Feet 

Feet is the imperial system. There are only three countries worldwide that are still using this system, which are the United States of America, Myanmar, and Liberia. At first, the imperial system was used by the Greek, Roman, Chinese, French, and English.

People use this measurement unit for commercial, engineering, and all standard activities. For example, they use square feet to measure an area or the length of something. In July 1959, the International Yard and Pound agreement decided that the international foot was defined to be equal to 0.3048 meters.

This agreement was 2 ppm shorter compared to the previous U.S. definition as well as 1.7 ppm longer than the previous British definition. Based on the IEEE standard, the symbol of a foot is ft, a prime, or an apostrophe. For example, 5 feet 10 inches is the same as 5’ 10”.

The Origin of Cm 

The centimeter is the part of a metric system. The idea of a metric system is to measure all lengths into meters, the volume of liquids into liters, and mass through grams. So, if you want to measure the length of something, you can say 1 centimeter, 20 kilometers, 10 meters, and others. It often also explains how big or small something is. Metric system uses grams to measure the weight of something, such as a kilogram, 10 grams, and others.

The point is that you can learn about these measurement units and how to convert measurement units at cm in feet. It helps you to understand how to convert cm to feet or inches. This website even has a converter that supports its users to automatically convert a specific value.

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