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The Best Student Accommodation in Portsmouth

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If you’re attending the University of Portsmouth or one of the great colleges located in the city, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of great options for student accommodation. In fact, the entire city of Portsmouth is very student friendly, with great infrastructure, many bars and restaurants, and plenty of great places to live for students.

Whether you’re an international student or someone more local, there is an abundance of choice when it comes to accommodation in Portsmouth. With several types of living arrangements to choose from and accommodation throughout the city, it should be easy to find somewhere suitable to live during your time studying in Portsmouth.

Here’s all the best accommodation options for students in Portsmouth:

What’s Available

First off, you should know what is available for students seeking accommodation in Portsmouth. There are pros and cons of each option, so it often depends on the requirements of each student to determine which is the best student accommodation in Portsmouth for them.

Halls of Residence


  • Amazing social scene
  • Variety of accommodation options to suit your needs
  • Comes with support from university if required


  • No control over who you live with
  • Not the calmest or most quiet living environment

Halls of residence is a must-have experience for many university students. Living with your fellow students, you get to enjoy a vibrant social life by sharing accommodation, although you do get your own room of course!

These are run by the University of Portsmouth, so you need to be studying there to qualify for accommodation. That said, there is many options available, with three different halls of residence located throughout Portsmouth.

You can find rooms of varying sizes, while it’s possible to find options to suit most budgets, so if you’re short on cash then this is probably the best option. Plus, you really cannot beat the social life, as it’s much easier to make friends and meet new people in halls of residence.

Current halls of residence available in Portsmouth include:

Langstone Student Village – Comes with a great view of the harbour and is teeming with student life

Rees Halls – Another great view of the sea and ideally located near the beach and promenade, also near the university itself.

Guildhall Halls – Found at the heart of the city centre, it’s found near all the university facilities.

Private Accommodation


  • Huge selection of accommodation
  • Option to live alone or with others
  • Quite compared to halls of residence


  • Can cost more money as utilities aren’t always included
  • Not all accommodation is found in the city centre

If you are going to study somewhere other than the University of Portsmouth, then private accommodation will be your only other option, although many students at the university also live in choose this living arrangement.

Private accommodation is probably the most versatile option for students, as there are countless options available throughout Portsmouth. This ranges from modern studio apartments to shared houses, so it’s possible to find the perfect arrangement to suit your preferences.

Apartments are a great choice as they are similar to halls of residence but with more independence and better facilities. Shared homes are a great option too, but you obviously will be sharing with several people, which isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Private accommodation often comes with a great location. For instance, many studio apartments are found at the city centre, ideally located near shops, pubs, restaurants, universities and colleges.

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