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Which Affordable Summer Study Abroad Program Listings, You Have to Choose for 2018

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Study Abroad Program

If you are a student who is searching for a study in abroad in your summer vacation, you need to research for the proper destination considering the facilities and opportunities. There are many options in summer study abroad program listings. Apart from traditional classes, Summer programs are fresh and affordable.

How to choose from summer study abroad program listings?

Before choosing the summer study abroad program, you have to select the criteria. You may choose the places with lower cost of living but higher value pack course in summer.

Don’t be duped with the program price tag. Check the detailed pricing whether it covers all fees like tuition, food, lodging, visa processing and so on. Still, if you feel that you cannot afford it, you need to talk with your university’s study abroad office for financial help. Even if you need monetary assistance, you can try online crowd-funding.

Here is the list of Summer study abroad program:

      1.CISabroad Summer Programs Abroad

CISabroad is the leader of the summer program. Their summer study comprises various types of courses. If you are searching for the affordable summer study abroad program, CISabroad Summer Program is the perfect choice for you.

      2.TEAN Summer Study Abroad Programs

The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) offers you multiple options for Summer Abroad courses. The TEAN full ride scholarship is for them who can convince for Summer study abroad. This program will bear almost all the cost including tuition, program fees, and accommodation.

     3.Danish Ministry of Higher Education Summer Language Study

If you are planning for bachelors, masters or Ph.D., you may apply for Danish Summer language scholarship. The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science offers the scholarship for Summer language courses. This scholarship covers tuition, accommodation or expenses

     4.Seamester’s Summer Study Abroad at Sea

Don’t spend your study in the classroom. Seamester’s Summer Study offers you two Transatlantic summer program. Incite your sea madness and reward yourself with six college credits in marine science and oceanography from the University of South Florida and you will be certified in International Yachtmaster Training.

     5.Foundation for International Education (FIE) Summer Programs (AND Scholarships

FIE offers multiple Summer study abroad scholarships. The only summer program for a scholarship available in London and Dublin. The applicant must show study abroad experience. Students, studying peacekeeping and conflict resolution, there are scholarships for FIE’s five-week long peace and conflict resolution summer program in Ireland and Jordan.

      6.CEA Study Abroad Programs

CEA offers study abroad business in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. By merit, need and diversity you can have the selection to apply for CEA study for abroad program.

      7.SIT Study Abroad Summer Programs

SIT Study Abroad Summer Programs offer undergrad course all over the world –  Africa, Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East. You can have hands-on experience and learn from the experts in various fields. For the summer program, a student can receive $500 to $3000.

      8.Center for Study Abroad (CSA) Programs

For budget study abroad opportunities, you can apply the Center for Study Abroad (CSA). It is affordable, legit and recognized by reputed universities of the world. This program is targeting more independent-minded students who can arrange food and lodging near to the campus at their own expense.

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