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The impact an international education has on future careers

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Having aving Havingan international education can have a positive impact on your future career options. With this in mind, many students are electing to attend international education establishments for their schooling. You may have moved to a foreign country when young and have grown up studying internationally. Alternatively, you may have decided to dedicate a year to studying abroad later in your educational journey. Whatever the reason, an international education is a real leg-up for your future career aspirations.

An international education can set you up for life

The benefits an international education brings are well-known and many. The modern business world is truly global, so the knowledge of different cultures and languages such an education provides is crucial. By living among those from a different background, you will get used to dealing with people from other cultures. That is an invaluable skill that most employers now look for.

On a personal note, it will make you more independent and improve your self-confidence, which is a trait most employers will be looking for. It will also give you a thorough understanding of the region you are studying in, which could be useful for any future roles you take on there.

Which are the best countries to study in for your career?

Of course, when thinking about how international education impacts your future career plans, knowing which countries to study in is key. The UK is still one of the world leaders in education and is a solid choice for using the qualifications you will gain to enter your chosen career. Canada is another great place to study as it offers superb employment opportunities within the country after graduation. For the truly adventurous, Australia is another wise choice. Not only does it present a different way of life in which to immerse yourself, it provides many opportunities to move into a successful career once your studies are finished.

International schooling in Asia

Of course, a significant region for international education is Asia. China, for example, has seen a huge rise in the number of its citizens studying overseas, to an estimated 523,000 at the end of 2015. Many people also move into this region from abroad to study.

While there are some excellent local schools to attend, many foreign students will choose a specialist international school. These give all the benefits we have looked at earlier as well as teaching for internationally recognized qualifications that employers all over the world are looking for. Hong Kong international schools offer a superb educational choice in this region and many ex-pat families, and foreign exchange students opt to take this route.

International education can boost your career options

A recent longitudinal study by IES Abroad found that their alumni who studied abroad earnt 25% more on average than those who did not. Also, a huge 97% of those who studied abroad found work within 12 months of graduation, compared to 47% of students who had not studied abroad. These figures give a real-life, factual take on why an international education can be so good for your future career plans.

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